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Don't feel overwhelmed
Packing a large home or office can be daunting when you have work and a family to care for every day. Getting to the shop and purchasing moving boxes can be hard enough, and then there’s the guilt of buying cardboard boxes you’ll only use once before putting them in the recycling bin. Run Star wants to eliminate any stressors from the beginning to the end of your moving journey, so we provide moving supplies and packing services upon request.


We have all the supplies

The packing supplies we have available for purchase are mattress bags and wardrobe boxes. We also have reusable plastic bins that you can rent and return after moving day — all our packing supplies stack easily, which ensures an efficient move. Ask about our blue bins.

Leave the hard part to us
The most challenging room in the house to pack is the kitchen, so why not leave this job for the Run Star professionals? Team members will arrive at your home before moving day and carefully pack every delicate item in your kitchen with the help of boxes and bubble wrap.


We cover all the corners
As part of the Run Star experience all of your furniture will be wrapped in moving blankets so no corners or table tops are damaged. This is included in every Run Star move at no additional cost.

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