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Know when to say "goodbye"
Usually, our customers do not realise they need junk removed until packing and moving begins. When you’re ready to say goodbye to those items that no longer serve you, call Runstar to get an estimate.


Pack out the old

When it’s time to pack, your broken appliances, sagging couches, and unused exercise equipment will stand out, and you’ll want them removed immediately. This removal process is very helpful to declutter your house and lighten your load prior to your move.

Time for pick up
When it's pick-up time, the Runstar team will move your unwanted items out of your home or office with the utmost care. 

Where is the junk going?
Our team is conscious and does their very best to sort out what can be recycled before going to the landfill.  We bring reusable items to local donation centres such Salvation Army and Thrift Stores.


We Accept nearly everything. No matter the size. If we can move it, we will haul it.

In certain circumstances disassembly or demolition of items can be done, or may be required. 



Mattresses & Box Springs 


Old furniture

Tires & rims

Scrap metal

Old Trampolines  

Hot tubs
And more 

We do not accept drywall or paint


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(We do not accept drywall or paint)
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