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RunStar Moving Services is proudly founded and owned by Charles Riby-Williams. Over the years Charles has experienced thousands moves, each unique in their own way.  He has shared his experience with staff and crew members. The team has been trained to put special effort in  maintaining the close customer relationship from which the business has rooted from. The RunStar headquarters is in Vancouver, Canada and successfully services the entire Lower Mainland. They also offer services to Vancouver island, Okanagan and Alberta.  


Since day one, every move has brought the satisfaction of a job well done, but there are a few moves they will be reminiscing about for years to come. Pianos have become a specialty for Run Star, the largest being a Yamaha C7 grand piano. Which the team carefully wrapped, carried up a flight of stairs, and placed safely into the clients living room. Also, the several long-haul moves across beautiful British Columbia and to Calgary have allowed the Run Star team to enjoy the scenery surrounding the city of Vancouver. 

The RunStar team is looking forward to meeting you, and remember this time. Don’t call your buddy, call the professionals!

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